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Rob Kinslow, Associate

20+ Years Expertise: Consultant, Facilitator, Trainer, with focus on Sustainability and Social Systems. Also, NGO Management, Environmental Sustainability, Energy & Efficiency, and Impact investing Eco-design and Organizational Change Consulting.

Rob Kinslow is Founder of Ballona Wetlands Wildlife Refuge Land Trust in California and has extensive experience in Environmental Sustainability leadership and community organizing.

Raised as a farmer and experienced as an aerospace engineer, Rob has deep and personal understanding of the the science and practicalities around sustainability issues. He as extensive experience in mobilizing public support and has facilitated diverse audience discussions on consciousness and organizational change, bringing a high, wide and deep understanding of human potential to these conversations.

Rob combines a friendly approach, with a scientific mind, a professional curiosity, and oblique humor to generate positive shifts in the community and workplaces.