Command Attention and Tell Your Story
Storymaps can be designed to suit your needs – From large scale wall posters and signs to as small as postcards. Animated storymaps make for dynamic presentations as videos or animated Powerpoint or Keynote slides.

• Systems and Complex Concepts
• Vision, Mission
• Strategic Plans
• Goals, Impact and Outcomes
• Context and Force Fields
• Team Structure and Operations

  • Cyn is our go-to partner for big picture mapping. She is a wonderful combination of highly competent and a pleasure to work with. Cyn has also served as graphic recorder for senior-level meetings. I endorse her wholeheartedly.”

    Kayla Kirsch
    Visual Facilitator & Process Designer
    President, Leapfrog Consulting
  • The Good Juju Co. is talented, professional and responsive in all its work. It designs and produces high quality Big Picture Maps that focus and inspire clients with beautiful illustrations.

    Tomi Nagai-Rothe
    Director of Teaching & Learning
    Leapfrog Consulting

Storymaps & Concept Charts

Vision Map:
Hawai‘i State Finacial Management System
Transform Hawai‘i Government

Actual Size (17" x 11")

Presented to the State Legislature, decision makers and public support groups to garner support and funding for a unified financial management system.

Vision & Organization Map:
Native Hawaiian Education Council

Actual Size (3 ft x 2 ft)

NHEC uses this storymap to help constituents and legislators better understand NHEC’s role, structure (and operational constraints) in support and development of Native Hawaiian Education. 

Department Of Health, Healthy Hawaii Vision Map (Actual sized 4' x 6.5 ')

Vision Map:
Hawai‘i Department of Health
Healthy Hawai‘i Initiative

Actual Size (6.5ft x 4 ft)

Presented to the State Legislature to encourage passage of bills to support Healthy Hawaii Initiatives.

Developed with collaborative input of over 175 participants.

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Vision-Strategic Plan Map:
Oakland Unified School District
Social Emotional Learning Strategic Plan Framework

Actual Size (26 ft x 4 ft)

Designed and illustrated in partnership with The Grove Consultants International.

Used to engage community members, government officials and other stakeholders.

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Hawaii Children's Action Network Organization Storymap (Actual Size 11" X 17")

Vision-Mission Storymap:
Hawaii Children's Action Network

Actual Size (11" x 17")

Organizational overview used to clarify and correct common mis-conceptions about the organization and highlight achievements.

Strategic Plan:
California Unified School District – The Girls Collaborative

Actual Size (8 ft x 4 ft)

Identify interagency linkages, inter-departmental recommendations, models, best practices, and feedback loops to ensure that all parts of the organization are moving together to achieve their vision.

Designed and illustrated by Good Juju in partnership with Leapfrog Consulting.

Concept Chart: University of Hawai‘i System, Inter-Department Collaborative Curricula Design

(Actual Size 3 ft x 4 ft)

Used to inform and promote multi-campus inter-department collaboration.

Shared vision and strategy framework stimulated discussion and collaborative curricula development.

Concept Chart:
California Department of Health Care Services Collaborative – Opioid Treatment Map

Actual Size (9 ft x 4 ft)

Identify network resources and clarify roles to offer improved comprehensive treatment to patients.

Designed and illustrated by Good Juju in partnership with Leapfrog Consulting.