Vision Map, Transform Hawaii Government Coalition to update Hawaii's Fiscal Management system (Actual Size 17" x 11")

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Your Story – Simply Powerful
You’ve got something to say – our Storymaps command attention and make your point. We’ll work with you to identify what motivates, drives or inspires your audience so you can tell your story and get the results you need.

Infographics on Steroids

Big Ideas & Complex Systems Deserve Space
From tabletop layouts to wall-size creations our Storymaps show concepts, systems relationships, force factors and big ideas. 

We’ll work with you clarify critical concepts and identify key details then transform your data into impactful and unforgettable visuals.


  • We can talk about our vision all we want, but having this picture of our vision just made it so easy and so compelling and REAL. All the goals we set forth in the Storymap have come to life, and we continue to use it and update it as our vision continues to grow.

    Lola Irvin
    Department of Health Manager, State of Hawai‘i
  • We rely on Good Juju to create high quality Big Picture Maps that focus and inspire people with beautiful illustrations and thoughtful images.

    Tomi Nagai-Rothe
    Director of Teaching & Learning, Leapfrog Consulting
  • Cyn is our go-to partner for big picture mapping. She is a wonderful combination of highly competent and a pleasure to work with. Cyn has also served as graphic recorder for senior-level meetings. I endorse her wholeheartedly.

    Kayla Kirsch
    President, CEO Leapfrog Consulting
  • Cynthia is the best kind of professional around. She is talented, visionary, and upbeat. I have utilized her insight and skills on multiple projects and can’t wait to do so again. Her graphic recording lights up a room. It adds possibilities and connections to meetings and sessions that go way beyond conversation and decisions. I and my clients love her. I highly recommend Cynthia.

    Greg Zlevor
    Global Leadership Development Consultant,
    President, Westwood International
  • I have seen other Graphic Recorders before, but Good Juju has been one of the best by far. The charts were not only beautiful, but the words and content totally captured the spirit of the day. The finished drawings were the star of the show!

    Jennifer Chavez Rubio
    Community Affairs Director, Medtronic
  • I have a greater understanding of the value your service provides. I was able to see and hear first hand the feedback from our community stakeholders and that alone was worth it’s weight in gold. Drawing out genuine honest comments from everyone can be a challenging process. But you’ve created a way where it seemed natural and easy. The outpouring of emotion in some folks at my table, clearly underscored how effective it all was.

    Captain Ed Enos
    Hawaii Pilots Association, Kanehunamoku Voyaging Academy Board Member
  • I watched Good Juju take colorful markers to a blank white board and turn it into an informative, comprehensive and artistic story of the conference. With the main points clarified and the speaker’s words emphasized, she created a visual map of the day. It blew my mind…a true artist, I am honored to have experienced her gift.

    Allison Smith, aka "Perky Parkie"
    Social Media Influencer, Psychotherapist & Wellness Life Coach

Storymaps & Concept Charts

Storymaps and Concept Charts offer an engaging overview of concepts and complex systems. 

Often used to dsiplay mission, vision, purpose, and high-level strategic plans.

Present them to customers, funders, donors, volunteers and the community show your value and overcome barriers to gain support.

History Maps

History Maps and Timelines celebrate accomplishments, see trends and patterns, and set a course for the future.

Use them to memorialize achievements, develop shared understanding, build trust among team-mates and on-board new partners and associates.



Process Maps

Process Maps and Diagrams show how all the pieces fit together and clarify complicated multi-tiered processes and work flow.

Use them to identify, clarify systems and procedures. Make processes easy to understand and execute.  Improve operational efficiency and increase positive outcomes.

Process Map, Agriculture Response and Recovery Working Group (Actual Size 8.5" x 11")
Vision Map, Lili‘uokalani Trust (Actual Size 8.5" x 11")
Department Of Health, Healthy Hawaii Vision Map (Actual sized 4' x 6.5 ')
Vision Map, Department Of Health, Healthy Hawaii Initiative (Actual size 6.5ft x 4 ft)
Vision Map - Oakland Unified School District, Social Emotional Learning Strategic Plan Framework, Designed and illustrated by The Good Juju Co in partnership with The Grove Consultants International (Actual Size 26 ft x 8 ft)
Punahou Parent Teacher Association History Map
History Map - Punahou School (Parent Teacher Association Actual Size 9 ft x 3 ft)
Concept Chart - California Department of Health Care Services Collaborative - Opioid Treatment Map. Designed and Illustrated by The Good Juju co. in partnership with Leapfrog Consulting. (Actual Size 9 ft by 4 ft)
Hawaii Children's Action Network Organization Storymap (Actual Size 11" X 17")
Hawaii Children's Action Network Organization Storymap (Actual Size 11" X 17")
Process Map- Kapi‘olani Community College, Student Journey & Pathways (Actual Size 11" x 8.5")
Process Map, Honolulu Habitat for Humanity, Pathway to Home Ownership (Actual size 4 ft x 3.5 ft)