More Productive & Engaging Meetings
Whether we’re working in-person or online, our team of neutral facilitators utilize engaging processes to build trust, help groups “see the big picture,” tackle complicated issues, create connections, and problem-solve faster with greater consensus.

We help you clarify your needs and goals, then design a process to fulfill them. Our graphic tools, proven strategies, and interactive learning games can help your group work more productively and create real change. Finally, charts and drawings document your work, progress, achievements, and agreements.

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Custom Templates for Rich Input and Participation
Our custom worksheets and templates help groups self-facilitate, collect community input or data, develop a plan, collaborate to identify issues, and solve complex problems. Data and ideas are documented directly from the source. Best of all, they help organize ideas and keep everyone on track. 

Unite Diverse Groups
Visuals speak when cultures collide, or language falls short. Graphic techniques and interactive games build community among diverse groups and close gaps in understanding.

Communications Workshops
Need elevator speech training? Developing a communications strategy? Our tools help you identify your audience, establish compelling talking points, and devise a robust communications plan.

Training Program Enhancement
Train better. Strengthen your current training program and supercharge your materials with graphic tools and strategies increase engagement and improve outcomes and long-term impacts.

is Graphic Facilitation & Meeting Design

Graphic Facilitation is an enhanced facilitated process that incorporates graphic tools to make meetings, workshops, forums and events more effective, efficient and engaging.

A Graphic Facilitator works with clients to identify and clarify needs then designs and implements a meeting process to achieve desired outcomes. During a meeting or event, we act as a neutral facilitator and use graphic and interactive tools to create an experience that is both memorable and productive.

Meeting Design includes clarifying strategies and objective then designing a process to reach your goals. Considerations also include recommendations on meeting space set-up, timing, use of appropriate tools which may include graphic recording, graphic templates, small and large group activities, interactive learning games, and pre- and post-event activities.

Graphic Facilitation

Build Stronger Teams.
Activate Whole-Brain Thinking.

Graphics help teams break out of linear thinking. Interactive experiential learning games energize participants, stimulate mental processes and increase mental productivity.

People focus on objectives, see trends, commonalities, acknowledges differences and issue then work together to move forward.

High-impact. Dynamic Enhancement.
Part-entertainment, all engaging, Graphic Facilitation offers a dynamic and interesting way to energize teams, increase productivity and efficiency and generate powerful outcomes.

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Graphic Tools & Learning Games

Our Graphic Tools & Learning Games Create Peak Experiences
Energize groups and activate higher level thinking. Games and graphics activate peak performance and enable groups to learn new materials, or tackle hard or complicated issues in a systematic way, encouraging big picture thinking while also considering critical details.

    • Custom Worksheets, Templates, and Storymaps keep workgroups on track and allow teams to document and organize detail rich ideas and data with easy to understand instructional worksheets and group templates. We can also create high-end finish art in the form of a storymap, infographic or clear and concise instructional illustrations that outline processes, systems and/or educational materials.

      Breakout groups working with custom process graphic templates at the Department of Health 2015 PAN Forum Conference, Honolulu Hawaiig-template

    • Interactive Learning Games create shared experiences and powerful memories that drive real change. Concepts and ideas become personal and real. Great tools for building strong teams and unifying diverse groups.

  • Graphic Charts and Drawings document your work, achievements and agreements.

Maintain Momentum: Post, Share and Like-Love It.
Display actual charts and work materials to share your work with others and update non-attendees, remind participants and inspire follow through. Include photos or downloadable PDFs of charts, or selected images from the event on your website, in follow-up emails, postcards, social media. Send PDF copies of charts to attendees. Reuse images for save the date mailers for your next event. Post on all your social media accounts for community awareness or general promotions.

Graphic Facilitation is used


  • Strategic Planning
  • Community Meetings
  • Training Programs
  • Leadership Development
  • Organizational Development
  • Systems & Processes Development
  • Forums
  • Team Building
  • Retreats
  • Mission & Vision Development/Re-Development
  • Summits
  • Brain storming Sessions
  • Workshops

….The possibilities are endless…


  • This is the second event I’ve been involved with where you were facilitating the process. As both a ‘participant’ and a board member I have a greater understanding of the value your service provides. I was able to see and hear first hand the feedback from our community stakeholders and that alone was worth it’s weight in gold.

    Drawing out genuine honest comments from everyone can be a challenging process. But you’ve created a way where it seemed natural and easy. The outpouring of emotion in some folks at my table, clearly underscored how effective it all was.”

    Captain Ed Enos
    Hawaii Pilots Association, Kanehunamoku Voyaging Academy Board Member
  • Cynthia is the best kind of professional around. She is talented, visionary, and upbeat. I have utilized her insight and skills on multiple projects and can’t wait to do so again. Her graphic recording lights up a room. It adds possibilities and connections to meetings and sessions that go way beyond conversation and decisions. I and my clients love her. I highly recommend Cynthia.”

    Greg Zlevor
    Global Leadership Development Consultant,
    President, Westwood International

Work Smarter.
Be More Productive.

Visual processes increase group consensus by 21%

Graphic meetings produce 22% more outputs in 13% less time.

People are more engaged in graphic meetings and collaborate better, even when the topic is tough.

Active & Actionable

Graphic Facilitation compels active participation.

Ideas become tangible while learning games create meaningful and transformative experiences and uncover hidden potential.

Staying Power.

Large-scale charts are hard to ignore.

Agreements, issues and next steps go on record in large graphic formats to help hold teams accountable. 

Rich Data, Ideas and Input collection

Templates organize input and stimulate focused thinking.Rich and diverse ideas are documented and preserved.

Participants can self-facilitate and work together productively.