Meet Good Juju

What’s “Good Juju”?  
Good Juju is positive energy with purpose: the perfect mix of passion, planning, people and innovative processes to generate positive impact and desired outcomes.

Our collaborative and uniquely personal style can bring new perspective, unified direction, fresh innovations and productive energy to your team.

A Virtual Agency
We provide all the skills and expertise of a full scale agency, with the efficiency, passion and attention of a tight knit team. 

Our “staff” consists of a collection independent contractors curated into a team customized for your project. 

The members listed here are the core Good Juju team though our network is much larger. 

PS. Good Juju is Contagious!
We donate a portion of our time and income to support non-profits and other worthy works. When you hire us, you also support our efforts to build a better world.

CEO & Agent of Good Juju

Graphic Facilitator & Graphic Recorder
Strategy & Communications
Executive Leadership
Facilitator, Policy Consultant
Strategy & Communications
Executive Leadership
Illustrator, Graphic Designer

Kahu Wendell Silva

Hawaiian Cultural Specialist,
Voice Over & Recording Artist
Hawaiian Cultural Specialist,
Leadership Coaching, Kumu Lua, Sustainability Consultant
Digital Communications & Social Media
Executive Leadership Training & Support
Virtual Meetings Tech Facilitator
& Administrative Support
Virtual Meetings Tech Facilitator
& Administrative Support
Web Design & Digital Media,
Sustainability Consultant

Cipriano Mauricio

Web Design, Motion Graphics, SEO

Somxay Thammas

Graphic Design, Brand Identity, Communications Strategy

Good Juju Clients

And many more!