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About Us

Cynthia Y.H. Derosier, CEO
(Pencilhead Productions)

Expertise: Graphic Recording & Facilitation, Advertising Art Direction & Design, Brand Strategy, Web Design, Process Charts, Template Design
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Ruth Moen, Associate
(Dog & Pony Show)

Expertise: Illustration & Finish Services, Graphic Design, Concept Charts, Flash Animation
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Kahu Wendell Silva, Associate (

Expertise: Hawaiian Cultural Specialist, Voice over/recording artist, Music Composer
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Mike Eckhardt, Associate

Expertise: Miva Merchant, IT, Server Administration, Javascript, PHP/MySql, HTML5 Canvas
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Teri Gorman, Associate
(Maluakamaka Consulting)

Expertise:Corporate Communications, Community Engagement, Intercultural Communications, Group Facilitation, Cultural Tourism
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Rob Kinslow, Associate
(OMC Ola Hawaii)

Expertise: Facilitator & Consultant: Sustainability Adviser, NGO Management, Energy and Efficiency and Impact Investing
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Tim Anderson, Associate
(Genesis Pacific)

Expertise: Brand Development, Copywriting, TV and Video Creative Production
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Ramsay Taum, Associate
(L.E.I of the Pacific)

Expertise: Hawaiian Cultural Specialist, Leadership and Management Trainer, Keynote Speaker
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Cipriano Mauricio, Associate
(Digital Pond Design)

Expertise: Web Design, Fluid/Responsive Design, HTML5, CSS3 , Motion Graphics, Flash Animation, SEO and Online Strategies
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Kevin Vaccarello, CSO/CTO !
(Sustainable Ideation/Steady Blaze)

Expertise: Systems Consulting, Ideation, Corporate Identity/Logo, Information Gathering & Architecture, Wire Frames, Uses Case Development, Technical Specification Documents, User Interface Design, User Experience, Python, PHP, JS/JQuery, CSS, HTML
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