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Casey Quel Fitchett

Digital Communications & Social Media, Executive Leadership Training & Support

An innovative leader with over 2 decades in communications, sales, marketing and promotion, as well as  project management, social media marketing and virtual meeting tech support.

Casey’s leadership and sales experience runs the gamut from on-the-ground sales and marketing for small businesses and start-ups, non-profits and corporate brands, to executive and leadership roles in communications media, human resources and promotions. Casey passion is in building community and business through social media and communication strategies, and developing events with a grassroots approach. A former executive and leader, Casey provides executive support and helps leaders build stronger organizations.

Casey’s passion and commitment to fostering positive social networks and building strong communities, inspired her to establish Mama Bear Mafia, an organization that supports mothers, women and familes. She grew Mama Bear Mafia’s social media following from zero to well over 1,000 in less than 6 months, and did so organically.  The platform not only serves as a “broadcast media” but a means to connect and build community among mothers, support local businesses and ensure the health and safety of youth and families.  Casey masterminds co-branding events, and community fundraising drives as well as social events that create a support space for moms, small businesses and non-profits.

Once a Publisher of Kauai’s local newspaper, advertising director and an human resources consultant Casey, has first-hand experience in leadership, strategic planning, and a deep understanding of how to meet the demand for innovation and the necessity of developing unified teams.

An entrepreneur at heart, Casey led the growth of brands and consistently increased sales year after year, often breaking records and developing new markets. For Casey, attracting customers and supporters, building relationships and leveraging resources are all in a days’ work.

Casey has a BA in International Business and Marketing and has served on the board of Kauai Chamber of Commerce where she helped them create their first sponsorship program which continues to be successful.

Never one to sit still, you might catch her driving her kids to school or their way to a family fun activity with her husband, their German Shephard and fellow Mama Bears. You can be sure she’ll also be doing double duty planning her next social media post, networking with communities and planning the next great event.