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Mandy Chen

Technical Facilitator, Natural Resources Conservation, Scientific Researcher

A nimble executor of multidimensional projects under tight deadlines with meticulous attention to detail, Mandy is as passionate about the planet as she is about working with people. In all her roles, Mandy is quick to step up to the plate and rise to any occasion, using her adaptability and forward-thinking to cultivate partnerships and community. 

Mandy brings her years of leadership and education into each project she’s a part of. Balancing diverse objectives, opinions, ideas, and dynamics comes naturally to her. Discovering a passion for environmental services and conservation early on in life has lead Mandy through a range of roles such as Activities Coordinator, Mentor, and Conservationist. 

Mandy’s international travels have taken her as far as Africa to work with local conservationists, all the way to Cusco, Peru to volunteer at an Amazonian Farm. She’s an avid traveler with a very full passport. If you ask nicely, she’s sure to have plenty of excellent advice for your next adventure!