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Miranda Blaine Foley

Facilitator, Policy Consultant

(CEO, EcoLOGIC Consulting Hawaii)

Miranda Foley has over fifteen years of experience designing and executing large-scale natural resource projects and policy initiatives in Hawaii. She has worked within and alongside governments, non-profits, landowners, and communities in Hawaii since 2004. This niche expertise of the Pacific region enables her to navigate efficiently and effectively between partner agencies and organizations to leverage the appropriate resources needed to accomplish a specific project outcome. 

A former program manager with the Office of Hawaiian Affairs, Ms. Foley conducts her work with a high level of sensitivity and respect for local, traditional, and indigenous cultures. She has established a jurisdictional and regional professional network that continues to support her ongoing collaborations between agencies, organizations, and communities. 

Miranda holds an undergraduate degree in marine science from Boston University. Her science education included studies at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute and Tiputini Biodiversity Research Station, as well as internships in the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands and Chesapeake Bay. She earned a Master of Environmental Management from Duke University Nicholas School of the Environment. Her focus area was environmental economics and policy, but she also developed and instructed a course in environmental leadership.

Miranda is a member of the Organization of Women Leaders and Hawaii Community Benefits Consultants.

She loves the ocean and you’ll often find her paddling in her one-man or steering canoe in the Ka Iwi channel. You might also find her at home with her son and husband building neat things “playing science”, organic farming or baking something awesome.