Grove Consultants International &
Leap Frog Consulting
for Oakland Unified School District
Graphic Facilitation
Communications Strategy

Oakland Unified School District Vision Map ~ Mobilizing a Community

This OUSD Story Map served as an interactive education and outreach piece that was used in community meetings, stimulate conversation and unite them towards action.

Printed as a large scale poster (26 ft x 4 ft), this vision map was shown throughout the district at community meetings. Presenters reviewed the map with audiences and described the steps needed to achieve their vision. Empty talk bubble fields and nest steps fields provided space for attendees to post questions and comments during events and helped guide the meeting focus.

This vision map served as a focal point and helped rally the community around a unified vision and course of action, and ultimately, helped them save much needed school programs.

Massive budget cuts threatened 100s of schools and their programs

Over 100 schools in the Oakland School District (OUSD) had suffered massive budget cuts and critical programs such as art, physical education and music were being eliminated.

Parents, students and other community members came from a wide-range of socioeconomic, educational and cultural backgrounds with different understanding of the need for these programs and course of action to preserve them.

Rally the community and collaborate.

Even the best facilitators could use a little Good Juju.
Facilitators from the Grove Consultants International (and LeapFrog Consulting) worked with school leadership groups to identify and clarify their vision, next steps and critical elements. Good Juju was brought in to create and engaging and beautiful piece that the community could relate to.

Get buy in with a vision people can relate to
Careful attention was paid to incorporating community landmarks, landscapes and ethnically diverse figures that community members could see themselves in and identify with. Once people could see the vision, understood the steps to achieving it, and how they could get involved, they readily offered their insights, support and resources. 

Graphic templates harness community energy and bring people together.
Oakland Community members offered their support and resources by signing up on large wall template posted at community forums. These Good Juju templates generated active involvement, encouraged commitments and collected a list of resources in an organized and engaging way.

Storymap Process Basics

Step 1: Data and Content Collection
Facilitators ran several meetings to collect data and distill down to key elements and critical details.

Step 2: Layout and content exploration
Good Juju provided several design concepts. Each concept had variations in flow, content and level detail and potential for interactive engagement.

Design Concept A : This Landscape format provides significant text space to detail the Journey: resources, assets and community.

Step 3: Finish Art 
Once a layout, and art style was selected, detailed reference was collected and content finalized after several rounds of data checking.

The final art was printed and produced on rugged laminated sheets to keep them in tip top shape as they traveled throughout the community.