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Pre-Conference Workshop ~
Bringing diverse groups together

Some of the smartest minds from all over the world came together to discuss unity, inclusion and diversity in the workplace. Good Juju helped make this intensive international 4-day retreat memorable and maximize attendee experience. Live drawn charts helped break language barriers and revved up the spirit of unity, hope and mutual purpose and vision.

Such brilliant minds,
so little time...

Over 50 of the brightest minds in business were coming together to discuss big ideas.

How do you capture as much data as possible and everyone is heard, the discussions stay on track and that actionable plans are created… in less than 2 hours?

SOLUTION: Go big with templates!

Pictures speak a thousand works and graphics can capture ideas when words fail (or when discussions happen faster than translators can translate!). Live drawn charts helped break language barriers and provided fall-back support to translators.  Non-english speaking attendees often revisited charts with their interpreters to make sure they didn’t miss any key details.