Kapiolani Community College
Graphic Facilitation
Communications Strategy

Student Journey Storymap ~ Helping Students and Faculty Navigate Through The System

Good Juju helped KCC make new student orientation and counseling simple. We developed a plan to generate an graphic system which became the foundation for a series of inter-departmental materials and student aids. Our visual solutions ultimately unified faculty and staff, and helped improve students retention and success.

Communication breakdown

(We're all saying something different and it's confusing!)

For new students, college systems and resources can be confusing and overwhelming. KCC had a wealth of resources for students, but none of the materials or directions matched and the process was unclear.

Departments operated in independent “silos” with different systems and were working in conflicting, circular or redundant processes.  Materials were full of acronyms and tons of detail which overwhelmed students.

KCC-Student-Advising-Sheet sample
KCC Student Pathways-Original Map

Get in the same boat and speak the same language

Facilitate team work groups to break down silos.
Good Juju facilitated departmental and inter-departmental work sessions to untangle confusion, identify key issues and obstacles then agree to a singular process for student matriculation and orientation.

Teach with Storymaps.
Our storymap provides an engaging way to present critical information in an easy to absorb way. We applied the metaphor of an ocean journey and created a student journey map that outlined critical tasks, resources and options available to new student applicants. The maps were incorporated into student recruitment materials and in academic course counseling sessions.

KCC Team works on Student Journey Map (Process Map)
KCC Student Brochure

Custom worksheets and templates.
Graphic templates and worksheets provided a uniform work space that helped teams work together. Groups mapped out internal processes, recognize and resolve conflicts or confusion, and separate key student milestones from reams of overwhelming details.

KCC work group strategic planning

Leverage the power of consistent graphics.
Icons from the map became Department Emblems and were applied to office name plates, faculty and staff name badges, and t-shirt “uniforms” at orientations and helped students easily identify campus resources. Students are able to see where they need to go, and who they need to see at specific stages of their educational journey.

Details were added to individual department maps to outline track-specific milestones and help students set appropriate goals based on their major.