Hawaii Dental Service ~ Team Building Blessing

It never hurts to get a little positive reinforcement to keep your team on a good track.

OBJECTIVE: Energize Staff and Grow Positive Momentum.

SOLUTION: Good Juju boosters keep spirits up and momentum positive.

The new year was a time for a fresh start at Hawaii Dental Service (HDS).
HDS welcomed its new Executive Director and united the HDS staff with a traditional Hawaiian blessing.
The ceremony is simple yet profound. In less than 2 hours, Kahu Silva help the HDS team pull together to clear out the old and re-energize.

As part of the blessing, Kahu offered mana’o (pearls of wisdom) that laid the foundation for a new team paradigm and working dynamic. Kahu addressed the management and staff of HDS as a “working family”.
He told the story of how ancient Hawaiians survived and thrived in the islands. And how working together, Hawaiian ohana (family) required the exchange of recognition, help and a genuine caring for each other. Throughout the event, he inspired HDS to adopt these ancient Hawaiian traditions:

1.     ‘Ike Aku, ‘Ike mai (Recognize & Be Recognized)

2.      Kōkua Aku, Kōkua Mai (Help & Be Helped)

3.     Aloha Aku, Aloha Mai (Love that is Given is Love that Returns)

With each of these concepts came a story, part entertainment and uniquely relevant to the members present. The ceremony concluded with HDS staff members exchanging their aloha with each other and sharing best wishes for a successful and happy new year.

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Kahu Silva Team Building Blessing
Hawaii Dental Service team comes together as ohana.
Kahu Silva Blessing Hawaii Dental Service HDS
President & CEO, Mark Yamakawa and Vice President, Kathy Fay assisted Kahu with the ceremonial pi kai (cleansing with the sprinkling of sea water).











The ceremony invigorated and unified the HDS team.
They embraced these values as guiding principals in their workplace and are continuing in their success.

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