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Ramsay Taum, Hawaiian Cultural Specialist, Kumu Lua and Leadership and Managment Trainer

Ramsay Taum, Associate

25+ Years Expertise: Hawaiian Culture Specialist, Leadership and Management Trainer and Facilitator, keynote speaker

Ramsay is an  awe-inspiring speaker, trainer and strategist. A big-big picture thinker, Ramsay brings high-impact perspectives and engaging practices to our clients and their teams. Ramsay’s  unique integration of Native Hawaiian cultural values and principles into contemporary business practices, has made him one of the most sought after keynote speakers, trainer and facilitators.

In 2008 Ramsay was honored internationally with the Transformational Leadership Award from the East West Center and in 2011 was invited to speak at TEDx.

As a graduate of Kamehameha Schools, the Air Force Academy, and the University of Southern California, Ramsay’s knowledge is deep and diverse. Ramsay has served a Director of External Affairs and Community Partnerships at the School of Travel Industry Management (TIM) and on the board of numerous established and start-up non-profits.  Ramsay’s personal experience in business, government and community service have served as great proving grounds for the relevance of his teachings.

Mentored and trained by respected kūpuna (elders), Ramsay is a practitioner and instructor of several Native Hawaiian practices including ho’oponopono (stress release and mediation), lomi haha (body alignment) and Kaihewalu Lua (Hawaiian combat/battle art).