Visualization Works!

Forbes found that 82% of entrepreneurs who practice visualization techniques using images and vision maps accomplish their goals.
Studies cited in Scientific American show repetitive visualization can prompt behaviors that lead to manifesting imagined outcomes.
Harvard Business Review noted the ability to visualize as a common trait among the most successful CEOS.
3 Steps to creating a future you love:

1. Vision 360˚ Envision your outcomes and your journey. What will you achieve? How will the process of getting there feel? How will others feel, act or respond to you? Who will be with you? What does it all look, feel, smell, taste and sound like? Make your vision tangible – write it out, draw a picture, write a poem, sing a song – do something that gives your ideas form.

2. Make an action plan. Do an inventory: Look at where you are now and identify gaps and obstacles. Set goals and milestones. How will you know you are on track? How much time will it take? You don’t need all the answers, just a plan of how to get them.

3. Share, revisit and just do it! Share your vision and plans with others. Get support, feedback and insights. Act on them and adjust as needed. The more your visit your vision, the more inspired you will be and the more likely you are to achieving it.

PS. Don’t cut corners. Visualizing without taking action is like making cake batter and not turning on the oven. Turn it on!

Do it yourself. Or call us for help. Let’s make the future great!

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