ClientMedtronic Foundation
SkillsGraphic Recording

Bakken Invitation 2018 - An International Affair

Good Juju helped make this intensive international 4-day retreat memorable and maximize attendee experience. Live drawn charts helped break language barriers and revved up the spirit of unity, hope and mutual purpose and vision.

PROBLEM: How to be inclusive with an International audience

How do you bring people together and keep their attention when many speak a different language?

SOLUTION: The international language is graphic!

Pictures speak a thousand works and graphics document when words fail (or when discussions happen faster than translators can translate!). Live drawn charts helped break language barriers and provided fall-back support to translators.  Non-english speaking attendees often revisited charts with their interpreters to make sure they didn’t miss any key details. 

Meetings Worth Sharing

Attendees revisited charts to see the drawings up close and snap photos to send to colleagues, friends and family. 

We survived the missiles! We can laugh about it now, this selfie station helped. In the midst of the event, we got a missile attack warning and everything went haywire. After the false alarm dust settled, this selfie station made for great reports of “we’re okay” and turned a stressful situation into a lighthearted bonding session.