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Office of Hawaiian Affairs ~ Team Building & Communications Strategy

Company reorganizations can be difficult. Good Juju helped an OHA team pull together and come out stronger through a 2-day retreat. Careful planning helped create a safe and open forum to address issues and misconceptions, quell fears, overcome resistance, and unify and energize staff with a common work platform.

Innovative learning games and interactive graphic tools helped uncover real issues, generate honest and productive discussions and actively engaged teams in developing solutions.   

A communications strategy workshop provided the team with a common framework and process tools to develop communications plans and helped them identify appropriate roles, media channels, audiences and messaging for the most effective results.

Team Building with Graphic Facilitation - OHA Retreat work room
Team Building with Graphic Facilitation - OHA Retreat work room.

Change is Hard!

New policies, procedures, philosophy, goals and restructuring teams often leave staff members stressed, nervous and in some cases, downright unhappy.

The Office of Hawaiian Affairs (OHA) was undergoing a transition with the creation of a new Community Engagement department.  This included the initiation of new leadership, new focus and the combining of three departments into one new division.  

As is typical in such restructuring, there were questions about new work procedures, the re-delegation of responsibilities among staff and some fear and resistance to the change.

Play Hard, Work Easy ~ Project-Based Team Building

Energize teams with learning games and make concepts real.
A little bit of laughter goes a long way in building tight teams. Fun interactive games and exercises were specifically designed to reveal underlying issues and provide simple solutions in non-threatening and self-revelatory ways.  Dynamic activities enabled participants to gain trust, exert stress with laugher and build new bonds through shared joyous experiences.  

Communications Workshop
A simple and effective presentation on basic communications principles and activities was created and presented by Good Juju.  Activities around internal and external communications helped the team to self-identify areas of overlap, confusion or conflict and laid foundation for productive team collaborations.

Every team member had valuable information to share. Plans were co-created using common frameworks that fit into one cohesive plan.

Custom templates provide a common framework.
Communications templates and activities allowed departments to self-evaluate and identify roles within the larger team, then coordinate their activities while working independently.

Real work test
Armed with a new common understanding, new perspectives and confidence in their roles, teams then worked collaboratively on a real project. The event resulted in a strategic plan for the project and created new positive bonds and enthusiasm among the team members.