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The Good Juju Company ~ Visualize Better

Proven Super Productive Meetings
Words and images activate the WHOLE BRAIN.
People think better, work faster, and accomplish more with graphic facilitation and graphic tools. People stay engaged and entertained,
even when the work or message is difficult.

Studies show:
• Visual processes improve problem solving effectiveness by 19%.
• Graphic meetings produce 22% more outputs in 13% less time.
• Visual language shortens meetings by 24% with 21% more consensus.
• People follow illustrated instructions 323% better than text alone.

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Presentations with "POW"
Storymaps and infographics make the complex easy to understand. Complex problems, spatial relationships, multi-faceted concepts, connections and processes are easier to "See" but hard to show with words alone.

Studies show:
• Our brains process visuals 600,000 times faster than text.
• Graphic presentations are 600% more memorable and
43% more persuasive.
• Color visuals increase peoples willingness to read by 80%.
• Graphics make text 70% more memorable.

Graphic Recording & Graphic Facilitation Benefits 5