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Storymaps & Concept Charts

Info Graphics on steroids!!
Storymaps show the big picture, relationships and big ideas.

Storymaps for Non-Profits, Corporations and Community Building.
Storymaps provide a comprehensive and engaging overview of the organizations mission, vision and purpose.
Or use them to show systems and processes, strategy for growth and development or team structure.

Present them to customers, funders, donors, volunteers and the community show your value and overcome barriers to gain support.

Department Of Health, Healthy Hawaii Vision Map(Actual size 4' x 6.5 ')

Vision Map, Department of Health, Healthy Hawaii Initiative (Actual size 4' x 6.5 ') (Learn more about this graphic)

Concept Chart - Organizational Overview Surfrider Spirit Sessions

Organization Overview, Surfrider Spirit Sessions 501(c)3 (Actual Size 11 in x 8.5 in)

Hawaii Children's Action Network Organization Storymap (Actual Size 11

Organization Overview, Hawaii Children's Action Network (Actual Size 11" X 17")

Concept Chart Process Chart - Kaipolani Community College Student Pathways Detail Map Liberal Arts
Liberal Arts Student Pathways Map - Kapiolani Community College (Actual Size 11 in x 8.5 in) This map provides students with a clear overview of the college process, guides their planning processes, and helps them to set realistic expectations and achieve their goals.
(Learn more about this graphic)

Visual Solutions - OUSD Vision Chart (Actual Size 26 ft x 8 ft) Oakland Unified School District Vision Map (Actual Size 26 ft x 8 ft)
This large scale mural keeps the greater purpose, plan and vision top of mind.
Facilitated by The Grove Consultants International (Tomi Nagai-Rothe & Kayla Kirsch), the final art was completed by Good Juju.