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Graphic Facilitation & Graphic Recording

Graphic Facilitation & Meeting Design
Run more productive and engaging meetings. We’ll help you clarify your needs and goals, then design a process to get the results you want. We act as a neutral facilitator and use graphic and interactive tools to help tackle hard or complicated issues, or simply work more productively.

Our custom worksheets and templates organize ideas and keep everyone on track. Interactive learning games create real change. Charts and drawings document your work, achievements and agreements. (See Facilitated Meetings Case Histories)

Graphic Recording
Don’t be another talking head. We’ll draw your meeting or presentations live on large wall sized sheets to hold attention and keep your audience engaged, and leave you with the drawings to remember the occasion. (See Graphic Recording Samples)

Presentation Charts & Graphics
Make your point quickly and easily. We’ll create purposeful images, charts and storymaps to your PowerPoint files and can add appropriate dynamic animations to make your presentation even more compelling. Create custom note sheets keep your audience in sync.

Hawaiian Culture Training & Team Building
Our Hawaiian Cultural experts can provide uniquely Hawaii experiences to help bring your team together and bring aloha to your business.