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  • KCC Department Teams hard at work
    Facilitated Team Work Session
    Staff and Faculty work with custom templates to identify critical information.
  • KCC Map sketches
    Exploratory storymaps were developed with leadership team.
  • Concept Chart/ Process Chart Kapiolani Community College Student Pathways Map
    KCC Student Journey Map
    Liberal Arts Department (Actual Size, 8.5 in x 11 in)
  • KCC Student Brochure
    KCC New Student Brochure
    (Actual Size, 8.5 in x 11 in, folded)
  • KCC Department Emblems
    These emblems are used throughout the campus on signs, name badges and even t-shirts and uniforms.
Kapiolani Community College
Date:September 10, 2013

Kapiolani Community College ~ Student Services

Good Juju worked with the College’s leadership team to identify key issues, obstacles and areas of need, then developed a plan to generate an infographics system. Our visual solutions became the foundation for a series of inter-departmental materials and student aids which ultimately unified faculty and staff, and improved students’ academic success.

PROBLEM: It’s all so complicated!

As a first year student, finding your way around college systems and resources can be confusing and overwhelming. The college had a wealth of resources for students, but students were confused as to who to see and what was needed when.

Student materials were rich in details and littered with school acronyms many of which had no meaning for students and made it difficult to see the overall process. In addition, each department operated in independent “silos” and often had different understandings of school systems or were working with conflicting, circular, or redundant processes which added to student confusion. They needed a simple means to communicate clearly and consistently to students.

KCC-Student-Advising-Sheet sample

KCC Student Advising Sheet – This detailed matrix was just one page of several dozen available to students. While effective in detailing every course option, many critical junctures or milestones were lost in the sea of details.

KCC Student Pathways-Original Map

KCC Student Pathways Original Map – Though content rich, this chart was not intuitive and could be confusing to students.


SOLUTION: Development and consistent use of a simple visual metaphor that is easy for faculty, staff, and students to understand and use.

Good Juju graphically facilitated several departmental and inter-departmental work sessions.

Custom designed templates helped teams map out internal processes, recognize and resolve conflicts or confusion, and identify key student milestones and resources important to student success.

The teams agreed to the metaphor of the ocean journey and worked together to create a Master Student Journey Map. This map provided a system-wide overview and identified  critical student journey markers. <br>Detail maps were created for each academic department to highlight academic track specific milestones. <br>This helped students understand their options and set appropriate goals.

The maps have become a critical tool and have been incorporated into student recruitment materials and in academic course counseling sessions. Visual icons used in the map were transformed into Department Emblems used on on staff and faculty name badges, t-shirt “uniforms” and office name plates to help students easily identify campus resources.

Concept Chart Process Chart - Kapiolani Community College Student Pathways Detail Map Liberal Arts

Liberal Arts Detail Map

KCC Student Journey Map Business and Technology

Business and Technology Detail Map

KCC Student Journey Map Health Services

Health Services Detail Map

KCC Student Brochure

KCC Student Brochure provides detailed information and correlates map icons to departments. Students are able to see where they need to go, and who they need to see at specific stages of their educational journey.


Department Emblems