• I have seen other Graphic Recorders before, but Good Juju has been one of the best by far. The charts were not only beautiful, but the words and content totally captured the spirit of the day. The finished drawings were the star of the show!

    Jennifer Chavez Rubio
    Community Affairs Director, Medtronic
  • I watched Good Juju take colorful markers to a blank white board and turn it into an informative, comprehensive and artistic story of the conference. With the main points clarified and the speaker’s words emphasized, she created a visual map of the day. It blew my mind…a true artist, I am honored to have experienced her gift.

    Allison Smith, aka "Perky Parkie"
    Social Media Influencer, Psychotherapist & Wellness Life Coach
  • Cynthia is the best kind of professional around. She is talented, visionary, and upbeat. I have utilized her insight and skills on multiple projects and can’t wait to do so again. Her graphic recording lights up a room. It adds possibilities and connections to meetings and sessions that go way beyond conversation and decisions. I and my clients love her. I highly recommend Cynthia.

    Greg Zlevor
    Global Leadership Development Consultant,
    President, Westwood International
  • I was able to see and hear first hand the feedback from our community stakeholders and that alone was worth it’s weight in gold.
    Drawing out genuine honest comments from everyone can be a challenging process. But you’ve created a way where it seemed natural and easy.

    Captain Ed Enos
    Hawaii Pilots Association, Kanehunamoku Voyaging Academy Board Member

Unique Hand-Drawn Videos
Refreshing hand made drawings come to life (no stock art or plug and play with animation here) and tell your story for you.

We’ll work with you to develop a moving script and compelling images.  We’ll provide raw animated footage and static art you can convert to print.  If you like, we can even manage the entire production including voice overs and final editing and formatting.

Add POW!
Create A Unique Experience.

Seeing a drawing come to life is captivating.

Part-entertainment, all-engaging, graphic recording offers a dynamic and interesting way to document content and capture the spirit of an event.

Command Attention.

There’s nothing like waiting to see what a line being drawn will become.

When attention drifts, graphic recording keeps attendees focused and engaged.

Work Smarter.
Be More Productive.

Seeing ideas and comments documented in a graphic format stimulates Whole-Brain Thinking and increases mental productivity.

Graphic Recording helps people stay on track and focus on what’s important to get the job done.

Validate With Deep Reflective Listening.

When people see their thoughts, ideas and experiences on memorialized for all to see, it makes them feel heard and valued.

Graphic Recording stimulates participation and engagement.

Give Your Content
Staying Power.

Large-scale drawings are hard to ignore and draw attention long after your moment has passed.

People love to take a closer look and charts often become gathering places. Many take photos to keep for their records or to share on social media.